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Acne Treatment | Martinsville, VA

At Bliss Aesthetics and Wellness in Martinsville, VA, one our specialties is helping to reduce or eliminate active acne breakouts and acne scars through the latest skin care technologies. While acne is most common in teens and adolescents, it can also affect adults of any age. And, embarrassing  acne does not just occur on the face – unsightly acne can also break out on the back, shoulders, arms and even the buttocks.

Over-the-counter products are typically just not strong enough to get rid of acne pimples. This is because acne is a medical condition of the skin, so it needs to be treated by a healthcare professional. Medical treatment of acne using clinical grade technologies is also the most effective way to avoid permanent acne scars.

At Bliss Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer revolutionary Lumecca IPL and Morpheus8 microneedling, as well as customized chemical peels, and Revision professional grade acne skin care products. These treatments not only reduce active acne, but also provide exceptional results preventing or eliminating the appearance of acne scars.

Our healthcare providers can also combine these treatments with prescription topical products and acne medications – including oral antibiotics or Accutane – to eliminate acne breakouts. Let our providers customize a combination of medical and aesthetic acne treatments for you or your teen at Bliss Aesthetics & Wellness in Martinsville, VA – so you will love the skin you’re in!